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The Chiweenie dog breed

The Chiweenie is a hybrid, mixed breed, crossbred or designer dog
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Ginger, The Chiweenie, Laughs
Strange Creature With Glowing
Katie And Izzy
Chiweenie Playtime7
ChiWeenie PlayTime2
Apple Digs Water
Apple Goes Bonkers I

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The Chiweenie is a fairly new breed. A cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund.

Chiweenie Appearance:
The Chiweenie is a very small dog who has a black or brown nose. Eyes are large and green, black or brown and the ears are large and erect and a medium length muzzle and a long tail, when wagged, the rear end wiggles also.

The Chiweenie's weight:

Chiweenie Grooming/Coat:
The Chiweenie has a low-shedding silky coat that is usually easy to keep clean. Occasional brushing is all that is necessary.

Periodically check eyes and ears. Clean when necessary.

Coat colors: brown, black, chocolate, strawberry blond, or black with some tan markings.

Chiweenies are highly trainable, energetic, affectionate, loving and playful.

The Chiweenie is a very loving, affectionate, protective dog. They have a tendency to be very in tune with human feelings. They love to lick you and love to snuggle and sleep under the covers with you. They can be a very needy dog who loves to cuddle.

Chiweenie are very good with children. The Chiweenie is very sweet dog who wants nothing more than to be with the family at all times. They are fantastic lap dogs. They need lots of attention while they are growing. Be prepared to spend lots of time playing tug of war and other puppy games.

Chiweenie Living Environment:
Because of their size, Chiweenies should do pretty well in a small home, condominium or apartment but do need a lot of exercise. A good twice-daily walk on-lease is a good idea.

Chiweenie Life Span:
Around 15 years

Chiweenie Litter Size:
2-6 little ones

Chiweenie Needs:
A happy and healthy family addition and companion such as the Chiweenie needs to be well-treated, well socialized, receive good mental stimulation, given appropriate exercise, room to run and your life-long affection.

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Chiweenie videos

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Jen:Wednesday October 1st 04:38 pm
I have 8 months old chiweenie female name Pea, and I have chihuahua mix foxtoy terrier male 3 years old name Bubba. They arent fixed and Pea just had her first period and we been keep them separated and one morning, Bubba knew how to open the cage where Pea stayed overnight, we are deaf and didn't hear them run toward to the door that have flap door for dogs go outside, they already mated so I am not sure if pea already pregnant and I'm not prepared for the pups. I need some suggestion from you what to do with pea, will she able to give birth by natural or go to vet have C section? and I am not sure if pea is ready to be mother so I wonder if I have to keep pups being feed by mother or hand fed? This is my first time with chiweenie but I used to take care of pups of german shepard and chihuahua mix foxtoy terriar.

angie:Friday September 19th 01:33 am
I have a chiweenie her name is Shelby. Her ears hang down but they are short ears instead of long ears. She is the sweetest dog i have ever seen, she loves to snuggle and always greets me by rubbing her head against my face. She well potty trained and listens well. She loves to eat but never takes what is not given to her. She loves to sunbath and only chews on her toys and nothing else. She doesn't bark excessively which is nice ,very loving, smart and loyal dog she always seems to understand me couldn't ask for a better dog.

Lizzie:Friday July 18th 03:48 pm
I have a 3 year old chiweenie named dolce and she is a tan/ creamy color coat with black markings. She sheds a lot. She likes to eat everything and sleeps all the time. She gets really excited when it's time to eat and isn't the smartest little thing. She gets along great with our border collie Rosie, but she will occasionally steal all the toys from Rosie. She is energetic when she feels like it but honestly just sleeps all the time. There's no little kids in the house so that has some effect on her energy. She can jump onto anything (almost as if she's a cat) and every morning I wake up with her laying next to me on my bed, even if I don't necessarily want her there because she chews holes in all of our blankets. Needless to say of her interesting behavior she is overall a very sweet dog who I couldn't imagine living without. When I get home she always runs up to greet me and will put her front paws on my calf. And as I am trying to type this she climbed onto the couch to eat my sandwich. She's a little terd but we love her. I would reccomend the chiweenie to anyone because of their interesting personalities and overall loving attitudes.

Crystal:Friday June 20th 05:23 pm
I have a 3 yr old chiweenie named coco, I rescued coco from a home of ppl who were unable to properly care for her.... I absolutely would be lost with out my baby girl.... I am looking for someone with a male to bread her with

Courtney:Saturday June 14th 10:42 pm
Love my lil bow! He's long haired, and if there such a puppy, he looks nearly exactly like a mini-German Shepard, with a very cute flippy tail. I'm training him, with enormous help from my mother, to be my service animal. The description sounds nearly word for word about him, though he doesn't have erect ears. He loves nothing more than to lay either on my lap, or by my side, all depending on where I'm either sitting or laying, trap my hand, and lick it until I have to use it for something as silly as grabbing my glass of water. I have to admit that I wasn't sure about him when I first got him, being how much energy he had, well still has, but those big brown eyes, along with his ability to pull "puppy eye's" on a whim, has won him over. I couldn't imagine my life without him, and I'm overjoyed that he will be with me for so many years.

Louann45:Sunday May 25th 03:34 pm
I have a 9 month old Chiweenie who I have had since he was a month old. I am looking for a female Chiweenie to breed him with when he turns a year old on August 4, 2014. He is my heartstrings. I wouldn't give him up for nething in the world. My sister has his mama ...his name is Buddy Lee; his daddy is a teacup chihuahua & his mama is a miniature dachshund, and very sweet. Its my first time being a pet parent to a small dog, let alone a Chiweenie.

..:Monday March 24th 06:03 am
how old does my boy chiweenie dog have to be to breed?

Dan:Friday March 21st 10:15 am
I've always had dogs (Big one as German Shepard, Bernise Mountain Dog) who came to work with me and now, my heart went to this beautiful Chewennie. I am already in love my our Sophie! My wife receive from her daugther a Chihuahua 3 years ago and he his the perfect dog for travelling. He now has a little sister and they get along perfectly. So now, Sophie will be on duty because she is the one that I will carey with me all the time. Perfect size and most of all, such of a good work partner!

Grace:Monday March 17th 05:07 pm
Ok,so now I know what type of breed my dog is.He has all the characteristics of a chiweenie
He is one year old and his name is Osito. The funny thing was when I got him,I thought he was a baby golden retriever because his fur is the same colr,golden brown.! :-)

Gaylene:Sunday March 16th 06:47 am
I have a long hair Chiweenie )Taco)that is so lovable. We also have. 155lbs Doberman that we had for 8 years. Taco has Zeus wrap around his little paws. When Zeus eats Taco gets between Zeus legs and shares his food. They love to nap together in front of door with the sun hitting them. We have train both to roam our house freely even if we are not home.But our house is doggie proof. NO TOYS OR SHOES ON FLOOR.

Guest:Sunday March 2nd 09:05 am
I have a chiweenie puppy that been in heat for two weeks now n it's been a lot of male dots showing up around my house.I keep her in the house,this morning around 6am I opened the door to let her out she take Chase male big dog away I went looking for her,about a hour later the guy next door bring her home tell me the male dog was with her still trying to breed her.I don't know if he breeder her or not I was so hurt because I didn't want het to breed n I didn't want her to face that kind of pain of a strange dog she don't know.it would be her first time.I cleaned her real good n today was the first day she stop bleeding.I pray she didn't have sex n I love her so much she is my heart n I felt I let her down as a parent .I am very protected of her but that spit second I wasn't there for her I now learn that the male dogs will let the females chase them away until they could get her alone then take it.she is a very small puppies but the male was very large hopefully he didn't get it in.

Wilma Morris:Saturday February 1st 11:33 am
I Chiwienie(we called Hera daxiwawa,, she was given to my husband after his male
Dachshund passed away, we Had no Idea there was an actual kennel breed of this dog, or that their breed name was chiwienie, I like daxiwawa better! her name is Baby Dollie,&she is deffinately a keeper. she was a puppy when we go her;It took no time until she was at home and loved my husband fervently! She loves me, but she was definitely
His dog, his dog;went everywhere with him to the bathroom, to the grocery store, everywhere. When he go I'll &had to go to the hospital she sat by the back door, the last place she saw him &I couldn't intice her away, until he came home. so loyal. since he passed away in 2011, she has gotten white around her mussel &eyes, she is black with mini spots of tan &white. Stress will turn them white. I feel so bad for her her love is gone &I'm in a nursing home, &I know she doesn't understand why we have abandoned her.my married daughter has moved into my house with her two dog baby Dolly's friends. We have a finked yard so all the doggies can run &play, so she is not really abandoned, but how can she understand?They have a doggie door into the house so if there is bad weather while no one is home they have shelter. miss my da hisses so much!*****

Tracie:Saturday January 18th 07:29 pm
I love my chiweenie. She is the sweetest thing!

quest:Monday November 4th 07:54 am
I have a 3yr old chiweinnie name Harley luv him so much they are a great dog to have around they are very playful and keep you company !!

Erin:Sunday November 3rd 01:35 pm
I love my chiweenie<3 she is the best dog ive ever had:)

Florene:Saturday November 2nd 09:37 pm
My Chiweeniee Is Pregnant , And Cant Wait For Her To Have Her Puppies , And She Is 2 Years Old

Angie:Tuesday October 29th 07:38 pm
We just added our first (and i say that bc I already want another) just 2 weeks ago, she is 9 weeks old and has added so much love and happiness to home! She is amazing with our 7 yr old son and get this... Was 100% potty trained and has not had one accident in the house, after only 6 DAYS!! She is the sweetest, most playful loving puppy and I am so glad that we chose a Chiweenie when buying our first family pet! We are definitely a forever chiweenie family!!

Silent But Deadly:Sunday October 27th 02:01 pm
I love my chiweenie she is 2 years of age and she is very playful and sweet and kind she is shy from other dogs but not humans and she HATES cats like A LOT. She got hit in the eye with the cats claw. She is ssooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone:Tuesday October 22nd 05:41 am
I volunteer at a dog shelter and there is this SUPER ADORABLE Chiweenie there. I want to cry he's so cute. I'm trying to talk to my parents to let me adopt it. I hope I can get him sooooooooooooooooooo much. Chiweenies seem like a good dog for me! :D

bailey:Sunday October 13th 01:47 pm
My chiweenie is almost a year old now and she is an absolute joy. She gets so excited to see people she knows (my parents and in-laws) that she squeals and wiggles and then licks everyone to death. She has a ton of energy for a little dog..we take her for at least a 2 mile walk each day and then spend time playing fetch. She chews on anything she can find, likes to hide things under the bed, and roll tennis balls under the couch. At night time she usually crawls way under the blankets to snuggle but occasionally she will sleep in her crate next to our bed (she's been crate trained since 8 wks). She has been the greatest addition to our family and I would recommend this breed to anyone looking for a loving and playful companion.

Yheslie valete:Monday September 9th 08:12 pm
My chiweenie bites what do I do?

Guest:Monday September 2nd 02:57 pm
I rescued my Chiweenie from our human society. She was about 1 when I got her. She is the sweetiest dog I could EVER ask for. She was house broken when I got her. Loves Loves Loves to snuggle and lick me. Very protective over me. I could never ask for better life long sweetheart.She has the long legs like a chihuahua, face and coat of a long haired dachshund.

Julieta:Friday August 9th 08:17 am
I love my chiweenie, she is a little 10 months puppy, i love her

verla:Tuesday June 11th 07:39 pm
My chew Rennie is 15 yes old and I love her dearly! She is the most important thing in my life.

Guest:Thursday May 23rd 08:00 pm
I love chiweenies so much.I am getting one for my birthday next month.I am so excited.They are ALL so cute.I wish i had one.He or she will be my best friend.

Guest:Wednesday May 8th 07:36 pm
I have a LOT of chiweenies and they are great little dogs. They are a hybrid of the dachshund and Chihuahua as most of you know. You can get a Chiweenie from two chiweenies. For the record ALL dogs are mixed breeds and a result of humans fiddling around with genetics. The Chiweenie has been around for a while now with popularity soaring. Like the labradoodle it is a designer breed with highly desirable traits. They are loving and very intelligent. If you are in the market for a small dog that is loyal and loving you cannot go wrong getting a Chiweenie!

Melissa:Saturday May 4th 06:54 pm
I have three chiweenies two dapples,Harley,and Peanut,and a mini,Luna who only weighs 2 pounds. They are amazing....they know just when to make you laugh. They enjoy playing outside and swinging on our porch swing with me. They are very hard headed and enjoy getting into trouble. Would never trade them for the world.

Guest:Tuesday April 23rd 06:18 pm
Just picked up my Chiweenie today, and I love her already! So sweet and adapted well. She even pottied outside! Can't wait for the training.

Libbs:Saturday April 13th 08:59 am
My chiwennie Meko is my first dog. I think I made a wonderful choice in picking a chiwennie. I got him at 8 weeks he is now 12 weeks he has mastered the commands sit, stay,come and we haven't had a potty accident inside in almost two weeks. He is a little strong willed,except when come to getting treats and eating, his obedience is excellent then.

rebecca:Tuesday March 26th 08:38 am
they are very cute i have a chiweenie named betty boop she my little angel i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest:Tuesday March 26th 08:29 am
i love chiweenies

Amy L:Sunday March 17th 01:49 pm
I have the best puppy ever she is loving and very happy she's a great dog for people with depression . She knows when I'm happy or sad and adapts to my feelings this is a great bread for a small dog she is very protective of me and stands her ground with bigger breeds . She is a big dog in a small package

Mark:Sunday February 24th 09:53 pm
I have a 8 month old male Chawwnnie named Max. He is the best friend a guy could ask for. He loves to play. All of the time. Max was house broken in about 2 weeks. He is very protective and hates the mailman with a passion. Max has to be the center of attention at all times. He loves to sleep under his blanket. Max is the best dog ever.

Terri:Saturday February 16th 06:52 am
I have two chiweenies.Resin my boy he is 1 years old and dolly my girl she is 8 months and now pregnant.They are so loving to everyone.My boy sits like a prairie dog.he has some big strong back legs because of this.my girl has huge ears my mom name her dolly cuz dolly parton has big tits and she has huge ear.Resin my boy his ears fold down he is black and she is brown.They love to run and play fetch they have 5 aces of land to playb on in the woods.They love to chase rabbits and birds.Chiweenies are the best breed i have ever had.

Janny:Thursday January 24th 12:59 pm
Just got my chiweenie 2 days ago ..Her name is Frankie (6 weeks old), she already has our GSD wrapped around her little paw.Our Rottie (160 lb) is not happy to have something that small gang up on him and he runs from her.Wish i got one a long time ago love her so much thinking about getting a second one

Kayla:Monday January 14th 10:37 am
I have one his name is Carl best kind of dog u could get

Megan:Friday November 16th 04:56 pm
Chiweenies are the sweetest and most genuinely loving dogs you can find. They really do want nothing but to just be on your lap or in your arms. They LOVE to give kisses and show you how much they love you. They also love to play, and run throughout the house! Nothing seems to make them happier than just being with you. Absolutely perfect companion dogs and the absolute cutest puppies.

Guest:Thursday November 8th 08:56 am
i have one and he is my best friend

Guest:Saturday November 3rd 10:56 am
my chiweenie is 1and a halfyr. old, having difficulty with urinating on my floor and furniture.HELP

Nikki:Tuesday October 30th 03:37 pm
I had a question about chiweenie? Are these dogs good with other dogs such as bigger dogs(Labs or Pitbull)?

andrew:Thursday October 18th 01:53 pm
chiweenies are somwhat scared of daily objects and love to follow their owner around everywhere!

Sherry:Sunday October 7th 03:07 pm
I love my Chiweenie.Charlie is such a sweet boy. Chatlie just turned two.He loves to run the house. and the other two dogs, everything is Charlie's. Chiweenie's are very good watch dogs, with very keen hearing. He is very good with the Grandkids alsoMy Grandson had a Chiweenie that's when I knew I had to have one too. So happy we got Charlie. Just live him to death.

verna:Friday August 24th 06:54 pm
My chiweenie is 14 years old and the love of my life! They are a wonderful breed.

rene:Monday August 6th 09:13 pm
I just became the proud pet parent of a little boy chiweenie, named Hiccup. He is most loving pup I have ever owned!!!

Herschel's mommy:Wednesday July 25th 10:55 pm
My chi weenie is new but a rescue. I can't seem to keep him from biting himself. I'm wondering if he's nervous or not comfortable. I've held him, bet him kisses but nothing seems to help. This is not my first dog, so I'm not sure what's wrong.

Mattsu:Wednesday July 4th 12:21 am
My dog is a wonderful WEENIE..loves to cuddle and is beyond friendly to people as for certain dogs my dog wont let it pass without it letting it be known that Shobby runs this shit...My dog is awesome and very very loving I never want my dog to die cause if he does ill kill you bitch..good day you sons of bitches..

Katy:Wednesday June 27th 12:36 pm
I'm a teenager and I'm thinking about getting a Chiweenie. I've thought about getting a Chihuahua and a Dacshund before. But I've heard that Chihuahuas are mean. But something made me look at the Chiweenie and I think they are SO adorable and I want this type of dog now. :) <3

Clara:Sunday June 24th 03:13 pm
I rescued my little Chiweenie about a month ago...and I am so in love!! Charlie is around 5-6mo old and so smart and affectionate. I trained him SIT, SHAKE, FETCH, and LAY DOWN in a matter of days! More and more tricks are on the horizon :o)
He's very full of energy but also ok with lounging around with me when I don't feel well. He LOVES to cuddle and burrow around under my sheets, which is so freaking adorable! The only downside I could even begin to come up with? His hair is everywhere!!!
I usually go for big dogs and am quite partial to Boxers, but when I met Charlie and he cocked his little head to this side...I knew he was it. He follows me everywhere and can't stand to be left alone (the only time you'll hear him bark is if I leave him home while I go somewhere).
He is my very first dog of my own and I am completely smitten.

Guest:Tuesday April 10th 05:31 pm

Judy:Saturday March 24th 11:57 am
We have a 18 month old precious little girl Chiweenie. We got her at a flea market. We paid $40.00 for her and we did not know that we were getting such a wonderful breed of dog, nor the lady who sold her to us. Her name is Gracie, she now weighs 9 lbs., is a beautiful brendel color, and her ears droop. She is so smart, so lovable, obeys well and was eaisly trained to puppy pads. She gets along with anyone, enjoys the company of visiting dogs, but her best friend is our older cat. Every morning my husband calls Gracie to the door for her walk, and Precious (the cat) follows right behind them. (Many people have stopped to take a picture!) We wanted a lap puppy and she loves to be a lap puppy. Great breed and I would recommend anyone to get one if they want a small dog.

Guest:Saturday March 10th 06:16 am
Do not agree in paying a high price for a mixed breed dog. Yes they are cute and have good traits from both, but to get a registration on them is silly. You don't get a chiweenie by breeding two chiweenies. You one from a chachua and a weenie dog. They are not purebred dog.

Guest:Friday March 2nd 07:17 am
you need more info on the chiweenie !!!

Guest:Saturday January 21st 10:19 pm
Need more info on chiweenie i have a little girl that is a year old and just had her spayed will she
Change the way she acts can any one tell me please

Guest:Thursday January 12th 01:04 pm
My dog is Koko and she is the best little thing in the world i love her so much, but any way she is mean to strangers and is so in love with my uncle. She is so smart and right now Ive only taught her 2 tricks but she learned them SO fast. She loves my uncle because he gives her lots of love and care and she loves my mom because she knows that she brings home the groceries! What is the ideal breed to breed my dog with if we decide to let her have puppies?

Gwen:Monday December 19th 01:11 pm
I have a chiweenie that we got for free back in August, we renamed him Austin after my favorite wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin was 6 months old when we got him and he is so cute and affectionate. He plays well with our other dogs as we now have 4. He loves to sleep under the covers with me and my husband. He chews on anything he can find such as books, cardboard boxes, dvd covers etc. I wouldn't trade him for anything. He was easy to housebreak on puppy pads as my other dogs are trained to as well. Long Live the Chiweenies.

Brenda:Monday November 7th 07:31 pm
I have a 2 yr old fawn/black masked chiweenie, named Ruger. I adopted him last yr from a local no-kill shelter. He's the smartest little dog I've ever met. I've lost count of the number of tricks/commands he performs. He has many characteristics of the Chihuahua breed, sleeping under the covers and thinking he appears to pesky rabbits and meddling squirrels to be the size of a St. Bernard or even a Mastiff. He's sweet, funny, very energetic and I really couldn't imagine life without him. I'm one lucky human in his house.

Sabrina:Monday October 31st 08:31 am
i have the 2 year old chiweenie that is pretty hyper and kinda aggressive. she barks that everyone that arrives at my house and she is very aggressive towards people she does not know. but i have also heard that chiweenies are from the two most aggressive dogs, but she very sweet towards people she knows. she is a great friend but she has a major big problems with cats.

zach:Friday October 28th 04:48 pm
How long do chiweenis live?

Lea:Saturday October 8th 01:28 pm
I lost my faithful chiweenie named Sammie a couple of months ago. I had him for 6 years he was a WONDERFUL friend,very territorial,and hyper and smart. I recently got two chiweenie puppies a boy and a girl from the same litter named Abbie and McGee,they are 4months and they are hyper and just so loveable,even though they love to chew up anything and everything,including toilet paper,and books,etc. The chiweenie is my fav breed of dogs,because they are just so fun they keep you on your toes,and they love to be cuddled and they're also very good with children. I have a 2yr old at home and I haven't had any problems.they seem to interact with company pretty well after they smell them. AMAZING DOGS!

Dustin:Tuesday August 16th 09:06 am
I have a blond chiweenie and he is very playful. He LOVES to lick and when he does it sounds like a horse its so funny. His name is snappy. The reason i name him this is because when he plays with my mothers dog he snaps a lot or if you get in his face and stare in his eyes he will snap. The only weird thing is that about my dog he loves to play with my mothers dog he gets along with him fine. when i bring him with other dogs, cats, etc. he wants to attack them. So if your chiweenie is like that you might wanna teach them to be nice to other animals. My chiweenie is protective he has growled at some of my bros friends so my advice is that let your chiweenie smell strangers or people that is not usually in the house all the time.

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