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The Doberman Pinscher dog breed

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Doberman Pinscher Description:
Elegant in appearance, energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient.

Most common of pet breeds. In the past was used as a guard or police dog.

Doberman Pinscher Appearance:
The Doberman Pinscher's natural tail is fairly long, some shorter as a result of docking which is illegal and controversial in some areas.

Doberman Pinscher's weight:
Male 75 to 100 lbs
Female 60 to 90 lbs

Doberman Pinscher's height:
Male 27.5"
Female 25.5"

Doberman Pinscher Grooming/Coat:
Minimal grooming is required for the Doberman Pinscher. Never really have to trim their nails, grow "nice."

Many people "cut" the ears at an early age. Tails also cut very soon after birth. This can be considered abuse and is illegal in some areas.

Colors: black, red, blue, fawn

The Doberman Pinscher is the target of a bad stereotype. Many consider them as aggressive and dangerous. Originally the Doberman Pinscher was bred for the purpose of a guard dog able to protect someone or property. The ability to be restrained on command was also part of the breed. But they are slowly becoming more known as excellent guard dogs who live to protect the owner they love. With proper socialization as a puppy, they are usually sociable with humans and other dogs.

Note: The Doberman Pinscher does rank high in displaying aggression towards strangers and other dogs but they are by no means the highest. They are very unlikely to display aggression towards their owners. The North American breed of Doberman Pinscher is considered to have a gentler disposition and be very loyal, gentle, loving, playful and intelligent.

Loyal companion dog who is alert and intelligent.

Easily trained. Clicker training very common.

Specialists believe they have been able to modify the temperament improving the Doberman Pinscher's disposition making it an excellent companion dog and great for families.

Do make great therapy dogs and known to work well in places such as nursing homes and elder care centers.

Are known to be around young children and do just fine. Good socialization and training starting as a puppy is important. The owner should be highly knowledgeable about Doberman Pinschers.

Doberman Pinscher Living Environment:
Lots of room to run daily. Apartment may be okay (not recommended) for the Doberman Pinscher as long as able to get out at least a couple of times a day for long quality exercise.

Really do well with lots of room to run and get a lot of exercise.

Not really an outside dog especially in cold climates.

Doberman Pinscher Health:
A few Doberman Pinscher health issues:
dilated cardiomyopathy
cervical vertebral instability (CVI)
von Willebrand's disease
prostatic disease
congestive heart failure

Doberman Pinscher Life Span:
8-14 years

Origin of Doberman Pinscher :

The Doberman Pinscher can be employed in any of the following:
herding farm animals
search and rescue
guide dog
therapy dog

Doberman Pinscher Needs:
A happy and healthy dog needs to be well-treated, given lots of exercise, room to run and your life-long affection.

A master who knows how to affectionately work with the Doberman Pinscher so he knows who is the boss.

More Information On The Doberman Pinscher :
The danger of attack a Doberman Pinscher is relatively high. Children are five times as likely to be bitten by a Doberman as a Labrador Retriever.

Not for the novice owner.

Doberman Pinscher History:
From Wikipedia: Doberman Pinschers were first bred in the town of Apolda, in the German state of Thuringia around 1890, following the Franco-Prussian War by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America was founded in 1921.
"Pinscher" means terrier
Doberman Pinschers were named after Louis Doberman, a tax collector
The first official records of the Doberman appear in the stud books of the Dobermannpinscher Verein stud book of 1890 in Germany.
The Dobermann is one of the few breeds that has been named after a person.

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